CAPCON 2017 Rules and Guidelines

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By submitting a model entry for competition at CAPCON 2017, the Entrant(s) agrees to abide by all CAPCON 2017 rules and guidelines described here.

CAPCON 2017 is a contest for plastic-based scale models, and is open to everyone; membership in an IPMS chapter or other national body is not required to enter a model into competition.

Junior Division categories are limited to Entrants who are 16 years of age and younger.
Junior Entrants may, at their own discretion, enter their models into non-Junior categories.

An Adult (non-Junior) Entrant must be present at the event in order to enter his/her own model into competition.
A parent/guardian may enter a model into a Junior Division category on behalf of his/her own child or ward that built the model, if the child is unable to attend the event.

Partially-completed models are not eligible for competition. There are NO "display-only tables" at CAPCON 2017 due to space limitations.

All entries must be the sole work of the person whose name is on the corresponding Entry Form.
The sole exception to this rule shall be a Group Build entry.

Commercially built, commercially pre-finished models that do not require significant additional work by the modeller, and/or re-finished models (for example, refinished die-cast metal models) are not eligible for competition.

Models with major, pre-finished components created by someone other than the Entrant — for example, a professionally-painted car body — are not eligible for competition.

Entries that have won prizes in any previous CAPCON – 1st, 2nd, 3rd place ; gold, silver, bronze medal; special or theme award(s) – are not eligible for entry into competition in CAPCON 2017:

Any previously-winning standalone model cannot be entered in CAPCON 2017 as a standalone model.

Any standalone model that was part of a previously-winning collection/diorama/triathlon/group build cannot be entered in CAPCON 2017 as a standalone model, nor as part of a new/different Collection/Diorama/Triathlon/Group Build.

A standalone model that has not won a prize can be entered in CAPCON 2017.
A collection/diorama/triathlon/group build entry that has not won a prize -AND- does not contain any previous-winning models can be entered in CAPCON 2017 as a collection/diorama/triathlon/group build entry.

A previously-winning standalone model can be entered in CAPCON 2017 as part of a new Collection/Triathlon/Diorama/Group Build entry.

Every entry must be entered in the appropriate category, or it may not be judged. If advice is needed for selecting the appropriate category, Entrants should check with contest Registrars, Head Judge, or Section Judges.

Each entry may be entered in only one (1) category and the entry shall be eligible for all applicable special/theme awards.
(For example, an aircraft model can be entered in one aircraft category, but it will not be considered to be part of a separate Collection -or- Triathlon -or- Diorama -or- Group Build entry.)

The CAPCON 2017 Head Judge(s) or other organizers may exclude or remove from competition or display any entry that is reasonably considered to be inappropriate or offensive by generally acknowledged standards of taste and acceptability. (This includes the content of the associated Entry Form.) If in doubt, please contact the CAPCON 2017 Steering Committee prior to the event.

Persons planning to submit oversized entries (or entries that require special support such as AC power) must notify the CAPCON 2017 Steering Committee at least one (1) month prior to the event, as we require time to pre-plan to accommodate for such entries. Failure to provide advance notification for such entries may result in those entries being placed apart from the general display area, or not having adequate special support.

Persons planning to submit a large number of entries in a single category – which could reasonably be considered to overwhelm table space availability for the category – must notify the CAPCON 2017 Steering Committee at least one (1) month prior to the event.

The CAPCON 2017 Steering Committee reserves the right to create/split categories on or before the date of the event, at their sole discretion.

Each Entrant must submit the following to enter models into competition at CAPCON 2017:

Exhibitors are encouraged to leave their entries in the Model Room until the Awards Ceremony is over and the attendees have had maximum viewing opportunity. Entry Forms MUST be left in the Model Room, for our record keeping purposes.

Anyone involved in the planning and/or running of CAPCON 2017 — including but not limited to members of IPMS Ottawa, the CAPCON 2017 Steering Committee, contest judges, or other such persons — assumes no responsibility or liability for any losses, injuries, or damages to entries or other items brought to the event.


A model entered into competition at CAPCON 2017 should be at least 75% plastic-based, although the use of photoetch/metal/resin detail parts, etc. is allowed as those items are widely accepted as a part of modern building methods.

Models made primarily of alternate materials — wood, paper, fabric, metal, etc. — are not eligible for competition at CAPCON 2017. The sole exception to this rule is metal figures entered into the Figures division.


Scratchbuilt models may incorporate parts from other kits, however the majority of the model must consist of modeller-fabricated parts. Scratchbuilt models must be entered into the appropriate "Scratchbuilt" category; they cannot be entered into regular categories.


Major Conversion / Scratchbuilt / Vacuform
Entries in a "Major Conversion" category must represent a version different from that provided by the basic kit.

The conversion must contain significant structural modifications to the basic kit, involving extensive changes in contour and/or configuration. These changes must be the work of the entrant. Simple conversions or conversions using commercially-available aftermarket parts must be entered in regular categories. The builder must detail the conversion changes made to the basic kit on the Entry Form. Photos and extras will not be allowed on the table, but they must be available to the Judges upon request.


Bases, Vignettes, and Dioramas

Bases will be allowed in all categories, however the bases will not be considered in the judging except in the Vignette category and all of the Diorama division.

Vignettes (Figures division)
In a Vignette, the primary focus is on the figures. However, the quality of the Vignette base work and its relationship to the figures in setting a stage for their display will also be considered.

A Vignette may have a maximum of 3 figures, and may include a background (non-central) vehicle.

If an entry has 4 or more figures, it is considered to be a Diorama, and must be entered in the appropriate Diorama category.

There is a separate Diorama division with numerous different diorama categories.

Dioramas must be built by a single Entrant; a diorama built by multiple modellers must be entered in the Group Build category.

In a Diorama, the primary focus is on the total impact of the Diorama and its ability to tell a story. The quality of the figures, vehicles, and other elements will also be considered. Simply including 1 or more figures or vehicles on a base with no attempt to 'tell a story' or link the elements will not make a winning Diorama, no matter how well built or painted the individual elements are.

If a Diorama has multiple vehicles of different genres (for example, aircraft + armour), it is the responsibility of the Entrant to select the appropriate Diorama category.

See "Eligibility" for more information about the eligibility of Dioramas.

Out-of-Box (OOB)
Out-of-Box entries will be governed by the following rules:

Any commercially-available plastic or resin kit may be used.

Aftermarket decals or decals other than those included with the kit may be used.


  • Fill seams and gaps
  • Sand off rivets, panel lines, and/or other surface detail
  • Re-scribe panel lines
  • Drill out guns and exhausts
  • Thin down trailing edges, flaps, fenders, hatch covers, and doors
  • Hand paint instrument panels and consoles in lieu of decals
  • Create seatbelts from tape
  • Vacuform, manufacture, or replace kit parts with ones not supplied in the kit
  • Cut or separate canopies, control surfaces, hatches, or doors. No surgery allowed!
  • Apply zimmerit
  • Apply rigging, masts, or antennae unless depicted in instructions or box art
  • Apply commercially-available items (for example, photoetch or metal parts) that are not included in the kit

Instruction Sheets
The kit instruction sheet(s) must be displayed with the entry.

A Collection is any group of five (5) or more closely-related items, as defined below:

  • TYPE Collection
    A group of 5 models of a particular TYPE. (May be different scales.)

    Different variants of North American P-51 Mustang aircraft: P-51B, P-51C, P-51D, P-51K, XP-51F

  • THEME Collection
    A group of 5 models that share a common theme. (May be different types & scales.)

    Vehicles from Star Wars movies: Rebel snowspeeder, Jawa sandcrawler, Imperial AT-AT walker, X-wing fighter, Imperial Star Destroyer

See "Eligibility" for more information about the eligibility of Collections.


A Triathlon entry is a group of three (3) models, each model being from a different division.


Like a Collection, a Triathlon entry is considered to be a single, standalone entry.
Models within a Triathlon entry cannot also be entered into any other categories.
A Triathlon entry cannot be comprised of models entered in other separate categories.

See "Eligibility" for more information about the eligibility of Triathlons.


Group Build
A Group Build entry must be a DIORAMA that is built by at least 3 modellers.

The intent of the Group Build is to provide a mechanism for a group of modellers to closely collaborate to create a diorama.

The Entry Form for the Group Build diorama entry must identify all three modellers that contributed to the diorama entry, and describe what each modeller contributed. Each modeller must contribute at least one model and/or a significant component to the diorama (e.g., central model, group of figures, diorama base, etc.).

The Group Build diorama entry is the only exception to the rule that "All entries must be the sole work of the [one] person whose name is on the corresponding Entry Form" although it must conform to all other rules.

Like a Collection or Triathlon entry, a Group Build diorama entry is considered to be a single, standalone entry; the models/components of the diorama cannot be entered into any other categories, and the diorama cannot be comprised of models entered in other separate categories.

A Group Build diorama entry IS NOT eligible for any theme awards, special awards, or summary awards.

See "Eligibility" for more information about the eligibility of Group Builds.


Display Guidelines

Individual category areas will be marked on tables with signage. Entries must be placed into their correct category areas to be considered for judging. Each entry form must be placed adjacent to its corresponding entry, not beneath it, to allow the judges to view or take the entry form without touching the model.

Each separately-entered figure must be placed into its own separate, corresponding category area.

Figures of different categories may not be combined into a single display (for example, a multi-level display).

A single, separate Entry Form must accompany each figure and be placed adjacent to the figure (not beneath it). Multiple entry forms must not be combined together.


Entries may be covered by cases while on general display, but cases must be removed prior to judging.


Guideline Adherence
Failure to adhere to the display guidelines may result in entries not being judged.


Entries will be judged primarily on construction, fit, and finish:

Accuracy of an entry is important, but since accuracy cannot be checked during the competition, unless an entry is very obviously inaccurate in markings or construction, it will be assumed to be accurate.

All entries in the Junior division will be judged using "open style" judging (Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards).
All non-Junior categories will be judged using "traditional style" judging (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards).

Prior to judging, entrants must remove all cases covering their entries; failure to do so may result in the entry not being judged. Cases MAY be removed by judges ONLY if the owner does not remove the cases him/herself; this is at the sole discretion of the judges.

The Head Judge reserves the right to split categories on the date of the event, at his/her discretion.

Reasons Why an Entry May NOT be Judged
An entry may not be judged for any of the following reasons, subject to the discretion of the CAPCON 2017 Steering Committee or event judges. (There may also be other reasons not listed here.)



Category sweeps are allowed.

It is the responsibility of the Entrant to indicate on the Entry Form, which Theme Awards and/or Special Awards the entry should be considered for. If awards are not selected on the Entry Form, the entry will not be considered for those awards.

Each entry will automatically be considered for appropriate and corresponding "Best of" summary awards. (For example, all aircraft category winners will be considered for the "Best Aircraft" summary award.)

Only entries built by a single entrant are eligible for Theme Awards and/or Special Awards. Entries in the Group Build category are not eligible for any Theme Award, Special Award, or summary award.

Entrants are responsible to claim all prizes/awards won by their entries. If an Entrant knows that s/he must depart the event before the Awards Ceremony, the Entrant is responsible for informing members of the CAPCON 2017 Steering Committee beforehand, and also arranging to have someone accept prizes/award on their behalf. If a suitable person cannot be found to accept prizes/awards, the departing Entrant is responsible to make arrangements with the CAPCON 2017 Steering Committee (prior to their departure) to have the awards delivered (at the Entrant's expense).

Entrants are responsible to claim all of their model entries by the end of the event. The event organizers are not responsible for any items or entries left behind by entrants. If any entries are left behind at the event, the Entrants of the left entries are responsible to contact the CAPCON 2017 Steering Committee to inquire about the left entries. If any left entries are picked up by the CAPCON 2017 Steering Committee, those persons DO NOT assume any responsibility for the safe transport or storage of the left entries, nor do they assume any responsibility for any damage to the left entries while in their possession. The Entrant who left the entry is responsible for arranging the return of the entry to them; if any costs are incurred in the return of a left entry, the Entrant is responsible for paying for those costs.

Silent Auction

Persons who win Silent Auction items must pay for & collect their won items in person.

Payment for items won in the Silent Auction must be made in cash only. No other forms of payment (cheque, credit card, debit card, etc.) will be accepted.

A person who makes a winning bid on a Silent Auction item is responsible to pay the entire full amount of the winning bid.

Failure to fully pay a winning bid will result in the person forfeiting their won item. If a person has winning bids on multiple items, failure to pay the full total amount of all winning bids will result in the person forfeiting all won items.

Silent Auction items that are unclaimed — by non-payment by the winner, or other circumstance — will not be awarded/offered to the 2nd highest bidder, nor any other bidders.


All attendees of CAPCON 2017 shall at all times indemnify and hold harmless CAPCON (including its directors, servants, agents, contractors, and volunteers) from and against any and all loss, liability, claims, demands, awards, judgments, actions, proceedings, or expenses by whomsoever made, arising out of the use and/or occupation of the property at which the CAPCON 2017 event is held prior to, during, or after the CAPCON 2017 event.